The Revolution of Women in Iran, Mahsa Amini and the Others


In Iran, the women's protest against the Khamenei regime does not stop, triggered by the brutal killing of Mahasa Amini and spread throughout the cities. A revolt that denounces other dictatorships and governments

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he Women's Revolution has now made history in Iran. A month has passed since the brutal killing of Mahsa Amini, guilty of wearing the hjab in an "inappropriate" way in the opinion of Islamic fanatics. The reaction of the Tehran regime to the rampant protests was among the most ferocious in the history of the Middle East. Hundreds of dead, wounded, tortured, arrested. Blind and arrogant violence, the expression of a corrupt and incapable regime, which, however, has not succeeded in curbing the protest of young Iranians, students and the hungry people. Khamenei's pattern of violence in Iran is as simple as it is bestial. Break the bones, shoot point blank at anyone who looks like a rioter. Sadism is especially exalted against young women. In many ways, albeit in different contexts, it is the same script of the violence of Putin's army against the defenseless population of Ukraine. Modern dictatorships evoke order and obedience to carry out their crimes without hesitation and trust in the business indulgence of Western governments. The story of the Women's Revolution in Iran has filled social media all over the world. Images of "moral police" violence against protesters, girls cutting locks from their hair, and Anonymus hacking state TV.

Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad is one of the witnesses and narrators of the Women's Revolution in Iran, but she also has many things to say to our governments and to all the friendly dictatorships of the Ayatollah regime. "Dictators around the world are united. Now We, the Freedom Fighters, must be united too" is the slogan that closes his speech at the Oslo Freedom Forum two days ago. With her on stage the representatives of other oppressed peoples. This is the video of Masih Alinejad speech

Masih Alinejad @AlinejadMasih Iranian journalist and activist. Founder of #WhiteWednesdays & #MyCameraIsMyWeapon #MyStealthyFreedom and #LetUsTalk.

video of Masih Alinejad speech twitter: menoopiu

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