EBOLA, la Cina si mette la mascherina

In Cina vivono centinaia di migliaia di africani, soprattutto nella regione industriale del Guangdong. La paura di EBOLA ha fatto scattare le misure di controllo ai varchi doganali, ma dalle immagini tratte da WantChinaTimes si direbbe che i controlli cinesi sono abbastanza allegri.

L'unica precauzione che gli addetti ai controlli utilizzano è una mascherina antismog - che in Cina provoca decine di migliaia di morti silenziose - mentre i passeggeri si accalcano in lunghe file.

 "Beijing opened the country's gate to Africa in the late 1990s, when the first group of Africans who came to Guangzhou shipped cheap Chinese products back home. The continent's exchange with the city has been active ever since. The number of direct flights between African countries and Guangdong exceeds 60 and that of Africans traveling between the two areas is about 41,000 every month.  

The frequent exchanges pose great challenges for Guangdong province in preventing an Ebola invasion. A large number of Africans have entered the areas through transit flights from Hong Kong and Qatar. The amount of ships, cargo and containers entering the province from Africa is also high.  

A vice governor, who pledged to prevent the virus back in early October, has highlighted the increasing risks due to multiple large-scale trade activities and sports event in the province recently. (fonte WantChinaTimes 26102014)


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