La repubblica delle banane cinesi abolisce la libertà degli avvocati

Il caso degli avvocati "desaparecidos" in Cina sta sollevando una vasta campagna di opinione, mentre il regime cerca di denigrare l'attività degli avvocati arrestati - più di 200, di cui molti ancora detenuti - riducendola ad una questione di pratiche di malaffare, con "confessioni spontanee" di alcuni arrestati.

Un gruppo di avvocati di Hong Kong ha lanciato una campagna internazionale di solidarietà agli arrestati e di denuncia dei comportamenti restrittivi del regime.

Worldwide Signature Campaign for Human Rights Lawyers in Mainland China


We are a group of lawyers in Hong Kong who are deeply concerned with the massive nation-wide arrest, detention and disappearance of human rights lawyers in Mainland China.

According to reports, from 10 July 2015 and up till the evening of 14 July 2015, about 102 lawyers, together with 36 human rights activists, from 18 provinces and Beijing have been apprehended, or secretly taken away, or detained by the police and/or their agents.

A well-known human rights lawyer Wang Yu (王宇) and her husband Bao Longjun (包龍軍) and their son were taken away in the early hours of 10 July and their home was broken into by unidentified persons, believed to be around 30 to 40 in number. 

Madam Wang Yue's Beijing Fengrui Law Firm (北京鋒銳律師事務所) was broken into and ransacked. The computers and files were all taken away. This is a serious violation of the rights of their clients and legal professional privilege. The head of Fengrui Law Firm Zhou Shifeng (周世鋒), the other lawyers of the same firm Wang Quanzhang (王全璋), Wang Liqun (黃力群) and two legal executives, have all been detained. Enclosed is a link from Hong Kong Cable News of 13 July 2015 of the raid.

Two other Beijing law firms to which two prominent human rights lawyers Li Heping (李和平) and Li Jinxing (李金星) are attached have also been raided.

Of the hundred odd lawyers taken away or summoned by the police for interrogation, about 91 have been released as at the late hours on 14 July 2015, some have been threatened also to have their children and parents arrested. Amongst those detained, Mr. Sui Muqing (隋牧青), from Guangzhou, and Xie Yang (謝陽) from Hunan, have been charged with inciting subversion of state sovereignty. We continue to feel deeply concerned about those whose whereabouts remain unknown.

We understand allegations of unlawful conduct may be made against some of the above lawyers.  The factual and legal validity of such charges will, if they are disputed, have to be tried in a fair and open judicial process.  However, lawyers, wherever they practise, are duty bound to defend the interests of their clients without fear and according to the law.   In particular, in any properly developed and civilized legal system, it is essential that lawyers should be able to take on causes of clients that are unwelcome to the powers that be.    Whether the causes of those clients are well founded should be tested by a fair, open and credible legal process, and not by arbitrary and brutal targeting of the lawyers who are simply performing their duties.  It would be unfortunate and regrettable if the conduct of lawyers who fearlessly represent the causes of their clients (who may be at odds with the State) can be readily interpreted or characterized as criminal in nature.  This will have an obvious chilling effect on lawyers’ proper discharge of their duties.   

Only when lawyers’ professional duty and rights are respected can the rule of law as understood in the civilized world take root in Mainland China.

We denounce intimidating harassment against fellow lawyers. And we call upon the Mainland Chinese Government:
1) To respect the constitutional rights of all the detained lawyers and their clients;
2) To inform their families of their whereabouts, and permit immediate access to their legal representatives;
3) To stop any unlawful or arbitrary conduct against the lawyers' offices or the lawyers and others related to them; and
4) To ensure that justice is seen to be done, and any charges against the lawyers and persons related to them are properly tried by a judicial process that is open, fair and transparent.



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