Omicidio Regeni: la versione ufficiale

L'infame verità ufficiale sulla morte di Giulio Regeni, dopo il "ritrovamento" di uno zainetto con i suoi effetti personali, tra cui la polizia egiziana inserisce anche "droga".



Come riportato dal Daily News Egypt: The Ministry of Interior announced Thursday night that it found belongings of the Cambridge University PhD student in an apartment in Qalyubia, near the capital.

“A red handbag was found, including a brown wallet, the passport of Regeni , his Cambridge University ID card, and a visa card,” an official ministry statement said. The ministry also said that the bag included other things such as another wallet, a sum of EGP 5,000, three sunglasses and a female wrist watch.

"Brownish stuff that looked like hashish – a form of cannabis drug,” the statement added. Earlier on Thursday afternoon, a statement released by the ministry said that security forces “succeeded in targeting” a criminal gang near New Cairo area; which was specialised in “impersonating policemen” for purposes of kidnapping and robbing foreigners living in Egypt.

In fact, the ministry said it killed all five members of the gang, whom had engaged in a gunfire exchange with the police during the arrest. In a detailed statement published by the ministry on its official Facebook page, it identified the killed suspects. The first was Tarek Abdel Fattah, 52 years old, along with his 26-year-old son Saad Abdel Fattah.

The two others were Mostafa Bakr, 60, and Salah Ali, 40. The ministry claimed the suspects were registered as highly dangerous criminal and wanted in different cases. The police said the men were driving a minibus as they neared a security checkpoint, and opened fire on security forces. “A fifth body, unidentified, was found in the minibus,” the ministry stated, in addition to an automatic rifle, a gun and an electric shock, and forged police cards carrying the badge of the Interior Ministry.

After that, the police reportedly raided the apartment of the first suspect’s sister, where they also found his wife. The ministry said the sister confessed to her brother’s crimes, and after searching the apartment, they found the belongings of Regeni, and others, which she also admitted were her stolen by her brother.  

According to them, the gang was responsible for the robbery of more than $20,000 and EGP 175,100 from nine Egyptians and foreign citizens, including an Italian citizen named David K. and a Portuguese citizen named Carlos M. At the end of the statement, the ministry thanked the Italian investigative delegation working on Regeni’s case in Egypt for “its efforts and cooperation.”

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