Strage a Orlando, USA

Se un omofobo, jihadista, può acquistare facilmente fucili da guerra, non è improbabile che li utilizzi.

Cinquanta morti e altrettanti feriti per la strage ad opera di un esaltato in un locale di Orlando frequentato da gay. L'attacco con armi da fuoco più grave di tutti i tempi. 

Il movente del  "terrorismo domestico" sembrerebbe molto labile, mentre appare più plausibile che la strage sia l'ennesimo gesto folle reso facile dalla vendita incontrollata delle armi.


• A gunman opened fire in a gay nightclub: It began around 2 a.m. Sunday as a gunbattle between a man and a police officer who was working at the Pulse nightclub near downtown Orlando, Police Chief John Mina said in a news conference. It became a hostage situation and there was a three-hour standoff until a police SWAT team burst through a wall to rescue those inside.

About 320 people were in the club, police said. Some people escaped through the back of the club, while others were trapped inside as a hostage situation ensued.

A federal law enforcement official told USA TODAY the suspect had been identified as Omar Mateen of Port St. Lucie, Fla.

• Three-hour standoff unfolded: Officers from multiple departments arrived at the scene after the shooting. A bomb squad was called in, and before 5 a.m. officers conducted a controlled detonation. Police used an armored vehicle to break through a wall at the nightclub, then SWAT team members exchanged gunfire with the suspect. He was shot and killed. Mina said the suspect was armed with a handgun and an assault rifle.

• Terrorism suspected: Police described the mass shooting as a "domestic terror incident." Authorities are investigating whether the incident was the work of Islamic terrorism. The FBI is investigating.

When asked whether the shooter had ties to a Jihadist terror group, an FBI official said during a news conference that "we do have suggestions that that individual may have leanings toward that, that particular ideology. But right now we can't say definitively so we're still running everything around."

Police said they have no indication of any other threat in the state of Florida or elsewhere in the nation.


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