Sull'orlo del baratro

I russi abbattono un aereo civile con 300 civili, vittime rappresentanti i popoli di gran parte del mondo.

Israele invade Gaza, simbolo di un conflitto epocale che divide le coscienze di gran parte del mondo.

Il Mondo è sull'orlo di un baratro.

Da BBC News "Former ambassador to Russia Sir Tony Brenton told BBC News: "The assumption has to be Ukrainian rebels - who have shot down a number of Ukrainian military aircraft - may well have shot down this airliner, presumably by mistake."

The tragedy had "such potentially grave ramifications", he added, "it will have gone straight to Mr Putin".


CreditDmitry Lovetsky/Associated Press



Da AlJazeera :"Israeli tanks entered Gaza on Thursday night after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered a ground invasion, a major escalation in a ten-day offensive that has already killed more than 230 Palestinians. 

Witnesses in Gaza reported heavy bombing from jets, warships and artillery stationed along the border, with much of the firing was directed at northern Gaza. The electricity was cut off across a large swathe of the strip, though it was unclear why."

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