One Belt One Road strategia totalitaria di Xi Jinping

L'Italia è stato l'unico paese del G7 ad essere rappresentato nel Forum cinese "One Belt, One Road" al massimo livello con Gentiloni, il primo ministro che tiene calda la poltrona di Matteo Renzi. Un'occasione per parlare di soldi, tanti, che la Cina di Xi Jinping intende investire in decine di nazioni per costruire una rete logistica globale al servizio delle strategie commerciali e politiche cinesi, e l'Italia ha bisogno di pecunia che notoriamente "non olet" e quindi perchè farsi sfuggire l'occasione ?
Ma i soldi arriveranno ad una sola condizione: che si chiudano tutti e due gli occhi sulle reali condizioni in cui Xi Jinping sta imponendo il suo potere dentro e fuori il suo paese.

da China Change :

One Belt, One Road, Total Corruption

Chang Ping, May 18, 2017

God said: “Let there be light,” and then there was light. Xi Jinping said: “A ‘Project of the Century’ must be undertaken,” and then there was “One Belt, One Road.” At the just-completed summit in Beijing, Xi Jinping announced that China will invest hundreds of billions of U.S. dollars in 60 countries to lead in the construction of bridges, railways, ports and energy projects. This venture is known as “One Belt, One Road,” and involves more than 60 percent of the world’s population. It’s projected to transform the global political and economic order, and can be said to be the largest overseas investment project undertaken by a single country in history.
Where does such an unprecedented, magnificent, and spectacular plan come from? How many Chinese were aware of it in advance? Was it critically evaluated? And what was the outcome of the evaluation? Other than Xi Jinping, there is probably no one who can answer these questions. And no one knows if he himself has carefully thought about it. People can at least learn about almighty God by reading the Bible. But the “One Belt, One Road” plan of renewing the world only consists of a few pages of empty speeches and some conference documents. According to Chinese media descriptions, the whole world is heralding the birth of a new savior.
‘One Belt, One Road’: Don’t Ask Me Where I Came From

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