Il VENEZUELA nel club delle dittature

Il voto farsa per eleggere una farsesca Assemblea Costituente segna l'inizio ufficiale, la data commemorativa, della Dittatura in Venezuela.


 Il colpo di mano di Nicolas Maduro avviene nella quasi totale indifferenza internazionale, mentre quel che rimane (fuori dal carcere) dell'opposizione tenterà di bloccare le strade della capitale Caracas sfidando il divieto governativo.


Venezuela sends an average of 700,000 barrels of oil a day to the US — about half of Venezuela's exports and about 10% of US imports. Much of it is bought by Citgo, Pdvsa's US-based refiner and retailer, which employs about 46,000 people in the US. Venezuela has also been a major supplier to Phillips 66, Valero Energy, and Chevron.
"The move will likely cripple PDVSA-owned Citgo, which would be forced to buy higher-priced crude on the spot market for its refineries," Joe McMonigle, an oil analyst and former Energy Department chief of staff under George W. Bush, said in a note Tuesday. "But US refiners, who oppose the sanctions, would also be impacted as it would force Gulf refiners to find replacements for heavier grades of Venezuelan crude."
US fuel prices would probably rise, Monaldi writes, though supply would likely come from elsewhere. Venezuela could find other buyers for some of the oil shunned by the US, but cutting into Venezuela's supply of gasoline and other refined products, much of which it gets from the US, would create problems for its struggling economy. Pdvsa's current financial and production shortcomings would also be intensified.
Oil accounts for about 95% of Venezuela's export revenue. While about half of Venezuela's exports go to the US, about 40% goes to Chinese and Russian firms to pay outstanding debts.
So eliminating all exports to the US would cut Venezuelan government income by 75%, according to Angel Alvarado, an opposition congressman and member of the legislative economic commission. That would hinder the government's ability to purchase imports like food and medicine — goods that already very hard to get for many Venezuelans.
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